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The #BitcoinLaw has been approved by a supermajority in the Salvadoran Congress.

62 out of 84 votes!

History! #Btc🇸🇻

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US agencies proposed lowering the travel rule reporting threshold to $250 late last year.

El Salvador just made #Bitcoin legal tender.

It's time to have a good hard think about what freedom is.

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PayPal to let users send #bitcoin off PayPal to their own wallets 🔥

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What is Money?
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Money is a record of who controls how much purchasing power in an economy.

An untamperable, apolitical record is far better than a political, manipulated one.

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If your stonk chart looks like this, you don’t get to call #Bitcoin volatile. @BankofAmerica

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ICOs - tokens that didn't give you any real property or claims, just some vague promise about future utility, used to raise $$$
NFTs - tokens that don't give you any real property or claims, no promises, used to raise $$$

What sustains both are speculation and greater fools.

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There's something so beautiful about #bitcoin in the oilfield.

Spot price for natgas is $2.60/MCF -- some O&G producers are earning over $9/MCF today by mining bitcoin.
The smartest O&G producers are leveraging bitcoin to maximize their hydrocarbon revenue.

h/t @upstreamdatainc

On #BitcoinMastodon, follow @denverbitcoin

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: #Mining #BitcoinMining #Miner #BitcoinMiner #ASIC #DenverBitcoin #Electricity #UpstreamDataInc #OilAndGas

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This. Zoom out.
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Some of the scariest moments in #Bitcoin happened inside this red circle.

In a few years, March 2020 will look like a non-event flat line.

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Said differently: #Bitcoin will govern governments.
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We all seek to attain freedom, goods, and power for ourselves.

Governments are simply a multiplication of ourselves and our desires, without external governance, and armed with weapons of mass destruction.

#Bitcoin is the only force capable of exerting geopolitical governance.

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The world is going to change dramatically for the better.

Smaller governments, less bureaucracy, more liberty.

Worldwide, by default.

#bitcoin is the most effective tool we have ever had to unlock human flourishing. The results will be unimaginably magnificent.

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There are most likely over 100m bitcoin holders globally. Ascribing a unified political or ideological stance to them is a complete delusion

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Value is what people want.

Everyone wants money that cannot be diluted.

#Bitcoin is dilution-proof money—the most valuable asset in human history.

I really appreciate when I look at a Mastodon post and it's not a MOA auto-retweet from twitter. Even if it's the same thing somebody posted on Twitter, it's nice to know they actually cam here to post it.

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1. Fiat money is all debt
2. Debt brings consumption forward and enslaves us until it's paid back.
3. Everyone is up to their eyeballs in debt at every level: governments, corporations, individuals.
4. We're all slaves until we opt out of fiat money.

#Bitcoin is freedom

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When we conceive of the price of #Bitcoin in USD terms, we are perceiving the greatest instrumental truth ever attained by mankind in terms of the greatest lie ever told.

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Surveillance renders all other freedoms useless.

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